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USCR Taekwondo
- US Chung Ryong Taekwondo -
New Location:
755 State Highway 121 B200
Lewisville, TX 75067
(469) 2
12 - 4758
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White/Yellow Belt Class
Black Belt Class
November 2019 Color Belt Test

  • April 2020: CLOSED
    USCR extends its closing to end of April due to COVID-19
following recent order of the president

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Mon/Wed 4:00 All Color Belts (Age 4-9) ONLY
Mon/Wed 5:30 All Color Belts (Age 10 & Older) ONLY

Tue/Thu 4:00 All Black Belts ONLY
Tue/Thu 5:30 Team Black Belts ONLY

Any questions? Contact at uscr1995@yahoo.com

Be Safe and Be Healthy!!

Hope to see you soon.