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USCR Taekwondo
- US Chung Ryong Taekwondo -
New Location:
755 State Highway 121 B200
Lewisville, TX 75067
(469) 630 - 9324
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  • April Belt Test
Every Tue (Color Belt)
at 6:45 PM
Every Thu
at 6:45 PM
(Check the schedule page)

  • May 2019 Schedule Updated
Please contact us
if you have any conflict with new schedule.

  • May Belt Test
Every Tue (Color Belt)
at 6:00 PM
Every Thursday
at 8:20 PM

  • Saturday May 25
1:20 Regular Class
2:20 Regular Class & Black Belts Non-Team Member
3:10 Belt Test
4:00 Class for Team
Upcoming Event
Membership Oath

I respect my honor and keep my dignity.
I respect my parents and elders and love my
My dream makes me happy and benefits
I will be the leader and lead others with
I do not lose my presence of mind in danger.
I do not hurt others with my Taekwondo
I am not the strong to the weak and the weak
to the strong.
I do not give up on goals that I want to
I do not blame and complain about others.
I do not use bad words and hold an evil mind.