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USCR Taekwondo
- US Chung Ryong Taekwondo -
New Location:
755 State Highway 121 B200
Lewisville, TX 75067
(469) 630 - 9324
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  • Belt Test:
Every Tuesday at 6:00 PM (Only Color Belts)
Every Thursday at 8:20 PM (All Belts)
Saturday, June 29th at 3:10 PM (All Belts)

  • June 17 (Mon): Open
Make up for June 21st Closing
ame as Friday Schedule)

  • June 21-23 (Fri ~ Sun): CLOSED
Head Master Gi W Um, President of Dallas Taekwondo Ass., is leading Taekwondo
Team Dallas to Seattle Korean American National tournament. 18 USCR Team
members of 23 team members  are competing for National title including Master
Cindy Um.

  • June 29 (Sat):
1:30 Color Belt Class (White ~ Green)
2:20 Color Belt (Brwon & above) + Black Belts (Non-Team Members)
3:10 Belt Test
4:00 Class for Team

  • June 30 (Sun): OPEN
Make up for June 23rd Closing

  • July 1st ~ 4th (Mon ~ Thur): CLOSED
Summer Break

Grand Opening Special
for New Students
50% OFF
from Regular Price!!
with Free Uniform & T-shirt
Free Enrollment
1 Free Trial Class
2 classes/week Program

Term Choice: 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year
Limited Time ONLY
New Members ONLY
Membership Oath

I respect my honor and keep my dignity.
I respect my parents and elders and love my family.
My dream makes me happy and benefits others.
I will be the leader and lead others with justice.
I do not lose my presence of mind in danger.
I do not hurt others with my Taekwondo skills.
I am not the strong to the weak and the weak to
the strong.
I do not give up on goals that I want to achieve.
I do not blame and complain about others.
I do not use bad words and hold an evil mind.