USCR Taekwondo
- US Chung Ryong Taekwondo -
New Location:
755 State Highway 121 B200
Lewisville, TX 75067
(469) 212 - 4758
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Social Distance Floor Plan
with Limited Number per Class
(6-7 members per Class in December)
* The number can be updated monthly.

December Calendar

Program Period: Nov. 30th ~ Dec. 24th

Winter Break: Dec. 25th ~ Jan 2nd

Sunday, Dec. 20th: Make up for Christmas Week
Closing (Contact us to reserve the spot)

  • 6-7 Members per Class
  • 2 classes/week (4 week program)
  • 30 Minutes/Class-Regular Program
  • Open Mon - Sat (Sun: CLOSED)
  • Keep Social Distance during the class
  • MUST wear Face Mask or Clear Face Shield
  • Prepare Own Water Bottle
  • Public Restroom/Water Fountain NOT recommended
  • Rest at home if you feel not normal
  • Elite Program(Team or Higher Rank Black Belts: Contact us for class options)
  • Class Reservation Mandatory for New returning members
  • Text at (469) 212-4758
(469) 212-4758
Joining Classes